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Vibrational Medicine. By Richard Gerber, M.D.


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This book is about subtle-energy therapies and how the body is actually a multidimensional energy system (physical/etheric interface=casual body=mental body=astral body=etheric body=acupuncture body=mental chakras=astral chakras=etheric chakras=higher frequency energetic inputs). In this book he opens up the Newtonian vs. Einsteinian Medicine debate about holistic healing. then he also goes on to prove his point about synthetic drugs not working as effetively as they should (which is what I have been griping about for far more many years than I care to admit). I got this over the weekend and I have to tell you all here...this is a must-have book for those in herbal/holistic healing (covering all forms such as acupuncture, herbs, meditations, illness through past lives, etc.). This book is also good for those interested in alternate medicine therapy. Now this book does not give recipes or anything....but it DOES give an in depth exploration on Chakras (I mean a VERY in depth exploration). This edition is the 3rd edition.

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