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Blessings - Blessed Be - Merry Meet - Merry Part etc etc etc

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It has come to our attention that some folk enjoy to use terms "blessings", "blessed be" and all the other New Agey sayings that are today used widely by Wiccans.


Of course it is your right and own freedom of speech to use such New Age language, however, in all honesty it is frowned upon amongst most Traditional Witches.


Reason is because 100s of years ago we had to blend in with society, keep ourselves hidden, work in private and keep our paths a secret. If you went out blessing everyone you probably would be chucked in the river to see if you sank or floated.


Please be yourselves when posting on the forum. If you truly really do say "Blessings or Blessed Be" to the cashier when you go shopping for a sack of potatoes, then knock yourself out, but me thinks that nobody says that in the real world unless you are together with like minded wiccans or new age folk .. ... who incidently have no business here.


Plus not everyone is partial to being "blessed" on this traditional witch forum without their permission anyway.


So keep it real and be yourself.

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