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Herbal Prescriptions After 50


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I just received this book from Amazon the other day along with about 6 other herbal books, and this one is so far the best if you're 50 or over!!!!



Everything You Need To Know to Maintain Vibrant Health


Author: David Hoffman


It talks about your body aging after 50, what can go wrong and how to take of it (kidneys, menopause, Cardio, skin, hair, etc).


It gives you a IF YOU EXPERIENCE: CUT BACK ON THESE COMMON OFFENDERS columns and herbs to help combat problems. It gives you the herbs for tincures, or teas that may help and even tells you how to make them. It even recommends vitamins to help.


I have a friend that has had imsommia for years and has asked me to make her the tinture from the book that she's willing to try. I've already got her to start meditating (she has realized that she forgot how to relax and we are getting her on a new program).


For me, over 50, this is a great book and have already found a few things to try for the menopause and migraines that I have not yet tried or even heard of. So I highly recommend this book for anyone over 50 or even approaching 50.


I give it 5 thumbs up!!!

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