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With The Approaching Holidays...


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With the holidays rapidly approaching, I thought I'd share some of my thoughts with everyone. Simple relax and BE!


As the days grow shorter and, for some, the temperature colder, let us

take a moment to pause and consider the energies of the season. With all

of the hustle and bustle of the winter holidays, with their sparkling

lights and seasonal soundtracks, it is important to remember that this

is also a time of darkness and stillness for the Earth. While our social

world quickens with a flurry of activity and seemingly endless demands

on our time, energy, and resources the natural world instead takes a

deep breath in, exhales, and simply stops ... simply IS.


Because it is so easy to lose sight of our personal needs when we are

caught up in holiday preparations and having to face the expectations of

others -- especially when times are so difficult for so many -- it is

even more important to take any moment we can and follow the example

of the natural world. Take a deep breath in, exhale and simply stop ...

simply BE. Sit in a stillness like that of the Earth and listen to your

own breathing ... connect with your own heartbeat. Then, with

consciousness, send your energy deep down into the ground and connect

with the breathing and heartbeat of the Earth. Become aware of how very slowly

it moves at this time of the year, and match your own breath and heartbeat with

the rhythm of the Earth. Stop, and simply BE.


The fundamental essence of the winter holidays, no matter your path or

tradition, is to find warmth in the love of your family, friends and community no

matter how low the temperature may drop, and to find light in the promise of life's

renewal even in the depths of the darkness. Connecting with, and working to

maintain a calm, still center will keep you anchored in the things that truly matter

at this time of the year. The natural cycle is one of our greatest teachers and one of

our most powerful allies for growth and transformation. When it is hardest to

hear the rhythm of the Earth, it is also the most important time to stop

and listen to what she is trying to say.


Be still and simply be.



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Wow that's amazing, as soon as i started reading that i felt this amazing calm feeling wash over me and i just went - ahhhhh! I somehow needed that without knowing - thanks Morgana! :D

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