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Binman finds ?10.000 This news story made me smile


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Not at all witchy but Fair play is all I can say

Binman can keep ?10,000, if he finishes giant jigsaw of torn notes


A binman who discovered ?10,000 in torn-up bank notes has been told he can keep the cash - but must first separate all the bits of paper and assemble them back together as individual notes before he can spend any.

Graham Hill discovered the ?10 and ?20 notes in a bin while on his round in the city of Lincoln. For an unknown reason they had been cut or torn into small pieces.

After handing the money in to police, a six-month investigation could find no evidence that it was stolen or linked to any criminal activity.

It was returned to Hill after no one came forward to claim it.

The Bank of England has said that it will exchange the notes for new ones if they can be pieced together again.

Hill, who lives in Gainsborough, is beginning work on a painstaking but rewarding mammoth jigsaw puzzle.

Detective Constable Nick Cobb of Lincolnshire police said: "This was a very unusual case.

"Despite our inquiries, the circumstances of why and how the money came to be torn up and put in the bin remains a mystery."

The value of the notes has been estimated at ?10,000. No pair of the serial numbers on each note appears to have been left intact.

"He'll have a job making some money out of it," a police spokesman said.

A Bank of England spokeswoman said: "Providing the bank notes meet the evidence requirements, then an application for reimbursement should be successful.

"In particular we look at the two serial numbers on the front of notes."

Speaking shortly after he found the money, Hill told the Lincolnshire Echo: "I was gutted when I looked in there and saw it all cut up."

The money is thought to have been discarded some time between the evening of Wednesday, May 7, and the following morning.

A binman colleague of Hill at Cory Environmental Services in Lincoln said: "I just hope he pieces enough of the notes back together to get a round of drinks in at the works Christmas do.

"It's been a while since he's had a go at a jigsaw, but hopefully he can piece some of the notes back together and get a bit of money.

"Christmas is only around the corner, so any bonus will be welcomed."




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Thats awesome. Here in the states we have people to do the piecing together for you. If they can manage to put together 80% (or something like that) they'll give you your money. What a lucky and crappy find all at the same time.

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Reminds me of when Boomer ripped up $ that I had left on the table. Took me an hour to do one bill. :sickwitch: Best of luck to him!!!!!

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