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So there were 2 Southern Belles


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So there were two southern belles sitting out on the patio drinking their Mint juleps.

the first one says "When my husband and I got married he was so happy he built me the biggest house you have ever seen."

the second lady says, "that's nice."


The first one continues, "Well when I gave my husband his first son he was SO elated he bought me a 4 karat diamond. Its just the prettiest thing you ever did see."

The second lady says, "That's nice"


"Well, when I made sure out son married the best girl in town my husband was just so excited he bought me the most comfortable rolls royce you will ever ride in," The first belle says.

"That's nice," says the other fanning herself.


"Now honey, you've given your husband 6 children. What has he done for you?"


the second Belle says, "I took the money from all the gifts and went to finishing school."


"Finishing School!" the first belle says shocked. "Why forever whatfore would you do that?"


"Someone had to teach me how to say That's Nice when I really mean Fuck You."

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