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Good old Country Folklore!

Guest Landieth

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Guest Landieth

ROFL I have this cookbook called Taters 'n Maters 'n Black-eyed Peas


I don't remember where we bought it.. damn! I'm still thinking in a country accent. ..well, more than usual. Thought ya'll might enjoy it! Especially you others from the south who've probably heard these more than once!


When you draps a dishrag on the floor, hit means you're gonna hav company... a woman if hit spreads out 'r a man iff'n hit don't!


Always leave a house by the same door you came in 'r' you'll take the troubles uv the house wid you as you go!


Taste makes waist!


Plant taters 'n all underground vegetubles durin' the dark uv the moon (frum full moon to the new)

Plant beans 'n all above ground vegetubles durin' the lite uv the moon (frum new moon to the full)


Fill what's empty, empty what's full, 'n scratch where it itches!


Too many folks are ichin' fur sumpn' they don't want to scratch fur!


Iff'n a pone uv cornbread splits whilst hits a 'bakin', sumbody in the family iz gonna die soon!


Iff'n you spills salt, be shore to throw a pinch over yo left shoulder 'r yawl iz gonna hav bad luck!


What Mother Nature giveth, Father Time taketh away!


Let a black cat cross yore path 'n you're in fur bad luck!


A horeshoe nailed over the door will allus keep evil spirits outta the house!


Yawl iz gonna hav sum gud luck iff'n the palm uv yo rite hand itches!


Pick up a frog 'n you're bound to git warts!

Ole Remedies


Bee Stings - scrub bites reel hard wid mater leaves 'r maters.

Arthritus - Wear a coppur bracelet round hurtin' part.

Bleedin' - Put waded up spider webs dipped in soot on spot.

Sore Throat - gargle wid salty watah.

Ear ache - few draps uv warm caster oil in ear.

Poisin Ivy - Dab liquid white shoe polish on...will dry 'n make itchin' quit.

Boil - Tape fat back on boil.

Splinters 'n throns - Use the same hunk uv fatback...will pull 'em out in a few days.

Chapped hands - Rub in shee's wool.

Worms - Put 3 draps uv turpentine on sum sugah 'n swalluh.

Sore - Put butah on sore 'n let dawg lick hit gud. - hit'll heel!

High blood - Drink a tea made uv boiled peach leaves.

Cuts - Pore on whiskey 'r turpentine.

Burn - Apply scrapin's uv a white tater.

Croup - Fry cut up onions in an iron skillet till you gets a spoon uv juice which you drinks.

Sty - Tetch sty wid tip uv a cat's tail.

Warts - Prick wart wid needle 'n git a drop uv blood...put hit on a grain uv corn 'n feed to sum animul.

Contaguous diseases - wear asfitity bag round neck...won't nuthin' get close enuff to you to catch enythang! Phew!

Thrush - Git sumbody what ain't ever seed the father uv the chile to breathe in the chile's mouth 3 times.

Cough - Whiskey 'n honey... the more whiskey the less you notices the cold.

Shingles - paint the affected area wid the blood uv a black hen.

Freckles - Put stump watah on 'em to make disappear.


ROFL! And I always have this around in case my OH bothers me.. he hates it when I read all cuntreh on him. :)

excerpts from Taters 'n Maters 'n Black-eyed Peas A Country Cookbook by Nick Powers

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Guest Landieth
Oh this is great. I have a book from Holland really old, Its has a bit about sleep walking. Translates "To stop sleepwalking put cold wet rags on the floor around the bed , if this doesn't work use thumbtacks" .:laugh1:


ROFL!!!! :D!! I like that one!

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Guest Landieth

My grandma used to do this to my mom when she was growing up.


Freckles - Put stump watah on 'em to make disappear.


And I've heard this one several times.. in several different circumstances .


Iff'n a pone uv cornbread splits whilst hits a 'bakin', sumbody in the family iz gonna die soon!


Lol! My great aunts are HORRIBLE to each other.. always fighting. One has a bad leg, the other a bad hip. They started yelling, got out of their chairs and both about fell over (one grabbed her leg, the other grabbed her hip). Well, Polly said 'Pauline, bake up a batch of curnbread. Let's see if this floozy gonna die soon!' .. you'd have to have been there. :)

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