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There were these 2 brothers...


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There were these 2 brothers (the good brother & the bad brother) who were killed in an auto wreck recently. The good brother goes to heaven, the bad brother goes to hell. The good brother was muttering to himself, as he stared down at the bad brother in hell, when St. Peter floats by. "Brother...why are you upset?" St. Peter asks. "Well," the good brother responds..."I've been good all my life...I've followed the 10 commandments, always went to church...never cheated on my wife or my taxes...never lied." St. Peter nods "And you are well paid my brother" He responds. The brother shakes his head as he looks down at his other brother "No...no I am not well paid St. Peter...you see my brother in hell??? He is sitting in a bar...a beautiful blonde is by his side and he is drinking a cold bottle of beer! My brother has always been the fuck up in our family and THIS is how he gets to spend eternity?! I am not well paid!!!" St. Peter listens and stares at the brother in hell. He scratches his head then chuckles to himself as he places a loving arm around the good brother and says "my dear sweet brother...look again at your brother in hell...if you notice the bottle of beer does NOT have a hole in it..." the good brother pauses, looks closer then shrugs and asks "Yeah and your point is??" St. Peter laughs "Neither does the blonde!!!"

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