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WV spooks and haunts

Guest Tiger Lady

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Guest Tiger Lady

Since were on the topic of Mothman, I thought I'd bring up a few more WV monsters such as the Flatwoods Monster. I've been there too. I'm positive I've covered the map of WV. WV is so beautiful that I've toured and stayed in several different counties and I've learned about a few myths, legends, monsters, ghost, and witches here and there. Definitely all up my alley and all of which fascinates me. This link, for all those that like to soak it up like me - lists various monsters from each county. And to anyone who would like to take a tour of WV. Here's a copied list:



Barbour County

The Philippi Mummies


Berkeley County

The Hammond Mansion


Boone County



Braxton County

The Braxton County Monster


Brooke County



Cabell County

Ghostly Banjo Player


Calhoun County

The Tin Cup


Clay County

The Poisoned Wife


Doddridge County

The Headless Rider


Fayette County

Blume Haven Inn


Gilmer County

Sis Lynn


Grant County

The Headless Horseman


Greenbrier County

The Greenbrier Ghost


Hampshire County

Peterkin Retreat


Hancock County

Weirton Steel Mill


Hardy County

The Gamble Mansion


Harrison County

Flinderation Tunnel


Jackson County

The Pfost-Greene Murder Victims


Jefferson County

Screaming Jenny


Kanawha County

Capital Plaza Theater


Lewis County

Weston State Hospital


Lincoln County

The Harts’ Headless Man


Logan County

Ethel Coal Mines


McDowell County

Sid Hatfield’s Ghost


Marion County

The Witch's Grave


Marshall County

Moundsville State Penitentiary


Mason County



Mercer County

Bluefield Amusement Park


Mineral County

Buried Treasure


Mingo County

Rt. 52's Ghost Soldier


Monongalia County

WVU’s Ghosts


Monroe County

Solitude Farm


Morgan County

The Haunted Castle in Berkeley Springs


Nicholas County



Ohio County

Tunnel Green


Pendleton County

The Purple Lady & The Peg-Legged Captain


Pleasants County

Ike’s Tomb


Pocahontas County

Droop Mountain Battlefield


Preston County

Kingwood Ghost Train


Putnam County

Scary Creek Battlefield


Raleigh County

Haunted Courthouse


Randolph County

Graceland House


Ritchie County

Burnt House


Roane County

Spencer State Hospital


Summers County

John Henry’s Ghost


Taylor County

The Telltale Lilac Bush


Tucker County

Darkish Knob


Tyler County

The Wells Inn


Upshur County

Ghost Bicyclist


Wayne County

Ramsdell House


Webster County



Wetzel County

Bill White’s Wife


Wirt County

The Murdered Merchant


Wood County

Margaret Blennerhassett


Wyoming County

Burg Hammon




Some of these spooks and monsters I know well. I've visited Droop Mountain Battlefield more times than I can count. Not only do I feel the presence of those that fought there, as I stand above there sunken graves, but I get this intense sadness that is overwhelming - if that makes any sense. And I can not contain myself at nightfall. I can't stay. Can't explain it - I just can't stay. A lot of people have heard of the Headless Horseman, the Blennerhassetts, the Hatfields and John Henry. I did have to research Big Hoot and Sheepsquatch because, well... I thought they were mispellings but there not. I am interested in Marion County Witch's grave (my county) because I'm not sure if I know that one. I do know we have a couple of ghost stories here but I don't know if this is connected to any I know. I will be googling it later. This is an amazing state with beautiful mountains but it is also a sad state with stories of abuse, depression, coal mining, and mysterious mountains - all which makes for a good ghost or monster.




Oh and Dark Phoenix - the Moundsville Penitentiary is just a few counties above me. I hear its just as good as Lakin State Mental Hospital or maybe better. Actually is been debuted in several different television series when it comes to famous haunts. The most famous ghost there is the shadow man.

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Guest Tiger Lady

On that same site that I placed a link to above is also a collection of pictures I thought someone might be interested in. These are pictures of popular haunts and some of the monsters




I've been to the Big Bend Tunnel - and no I didn't like it. I didn't like it at all. The energy wasn't good. Of course, anywhere there are tragic deaths - I'm not sure the energy could be anything but bad. Its not the only haunted train tunnel in this state. I do know of a couple of others.

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Guest Bean Sprite

I go to the witche's grave all of the time since it is on my husbands familly grave yard. I'll take you some time. It's really a cool place. Kind of near the mine disaster memorial up big run.

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Guest Tiger Lady
I go to the witche's grave all of the time since it is on my husbands familly grave yard. I'll take you some time. It's really a cool place. Kind of near the mine disaster memorial up big run.



That would be cool. I was hoping you knew where it was.

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