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Matthias Schambacher - Haunted Hawk Mountain


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I thought I'd share this with you guys. If you live in Pennsylvania you may have heard of Matthias Schambacher. Supposedly over 20+ people have been murdered in the house.


The story of the property is a long one, but I'll sum it up. The first owners who didn't live in the current house, a big family were murdered by the Lenni Lenape and the only survivor was their youngest son who then built the current house on the property. Then Matthias Schambacher bought the house with his wife and turned it into a tavern. He would rob and murder travelers. Supposedly he'd turn the flesh of these travelers into sausage and would feed it to people visiting the tavern. On his deathbed he admitted to killing 10-15 people depending on the source.


Here's a link if you want read a little more into it:




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