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Guest Landieth

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Guest Landieth

Some movies I just can't sit through without passing out once or twice from air-deprevation. I pop in my handy DVD Hocus Pokus to laugh my ass off at Bette Midler, dressed up with fake buck teeth and shaved eyebrows! And the Muppet Show... I tell you, Miss Piggy gets me everytime, and so does Meepers in the Laboratory!! Mememememe!!!! LOL!!!!! AHAHAHAH!




Okay, but my all time favorite is The Never-Ending Story. I love the movie to death, but it cracks me up! I love how Artex the horse (I know it's sad and I'm horrible) sinks into the mud.. tee hee.. and Artreyu turns around and starts screaming and all of the sudden this overly sad music comes on.. LOL.


LOL!!! :roflhard:


And Edward Scissorhands (a fav of mine) that red headed lady gets all toe-curled and gasping when he cuts her hair... and it cracks me up when the crazy christian lady always spouts off with deep thought about bible verses.


And I can't help but think about Paula Abdul. I know she says she has some sort of dissorder, but have ya'll seen that show Hey! Paula? That lady is messed up on god knows what!


And I don't know if any of ya'll have seen this but the movie Let's Throw Mamma off the Train.. I can't stop laughing through that whole movie!


I turned on the TV one day last month and I heard that "Criss cross, criss cross. Did you do it? Criss cross, criss cross!" LOL I think that's so funny.


But Horror movies get me hard! (Laughing that is).


I'm really into the stupid-funny movies too, like Kung Pow! Enter the Fist. LOL that one's great!! uh tee hee... the baby rolls down the hill, and the lady says "Oh you're a cute baby. Bye bye!" and rolls him down the hill again!! And Superstar! Oh god that movie is so great! "Sometimes I get nervous.. and and... I stick my hands under my arms and smellemlikethis!"




Okay.. I gotta go try to drink some water... lol or breathe..

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