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Cranberry Wine

Guest Bean Sprite

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Guest Bean Sprite

Very good wine. It just finish today. Similar to a nice blush zinfandel. MMMMM.......

If you prefer slightly sweeter wine, add an addittional cup of sugar to the second mixture.


2 bags fresh or frozen whole cranberries

2 quarts water


Boil gently until the cranbrries fully pop. Take off the fire. Let cool and strain the cranberries from the juice. Now mix together:


2 Quarts cool water

2 cups sugar

1 package champagne yeast (dry active bread yeast will do)


Add 1 package of fruit pectine for canning jelly with to the still warm cranberry juice, stir until dissolved, then combine mixture 1 and 2 together and mix thuroughly.


Pour into clean, sterilized water bottles, wine bottles, or pop bottles. Place a large party balloon over the bottle opening and let ferment. The ballon will blow up and expand, this is normal. When the ballon deflates entirely, pour the wine into clean, sterilized bottles again, carefull not to stir up the sedement from the bottom (you can use a coffee filter if you want), cap your wine and store in a cool dry place for storage until use.

***Warning: If the wine is placed in a warm place it will pop, leaving you a terrible mess and a horrible fright.***

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Guest Varillon

Thank you! I'm definitely making this soon. Out of curiosity, how long does it usually take for the balloon to fill and deflate?

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