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this is something that got me thinking about the Elementals thread.

I live in a very ancient site part of Briton where many big ritual etc were said to have taken place. Im sure when the Anglo Saxons came here they bought over their myths Ancestors and spirits with them here are a few take from.

Im looking for my Ancestors and am finding some great stuff, this is from Swain Wodenings http://www.englatheod.org/ there are more on there its a great website



Cofgodas (AS) A group of spirits friendly to humans that help around one's house. Generally they are seen by those with second sight as small humans. Sometimes they are mischievous, but rarely dangerous. They generally dislike lazy humans as they themselves are hard workers. Some cofgods do become nuisances hiding things, making noise, and knocking things over, but generally a simple spell will rid the house of such pesky types.

Huldrufolk (Norwegian) A group of woodland spirits that have the fronts of men, but the hollowed out backs of trees. They are basically one and the same as the wood wives of Germany. In Germany they are often linked to the goddess Holda. A special variety the Elle of Denmark are said to guard the Elder Tree. Generally all these beings seem to be the same type. They appear as beautiful children from the front but have a tree trunk for the back. They generally shy away from Mankind.


Landsv?ttir(ON)/ * Landwihta (AS) The Landsv?ttir are land spirits, the guardian spirits of the woods, forests, and streams. Usually friendly they prefer not to be disturbed by modern man. They do befriend humans though and have been known to give aid to growing crops and in other such agricultural pursuits. The Land Wights dislike blood and violence in general. They do appear in a variety of forms and this may be due to shape shifting abilities. They seem strongest in the untamed wilds and this may be because they shy away from civilized areas.


Disir (ON)/Idesa (AS) The idesa or as they are called in Old Norse the disir are ancestral women of great power that often help the families they belong to. Many are of nearly goddess level although even a few living mortal women were counted amongst their number in ancient times. They were afforded worship in ancient times and in the Ynglinga Saga a feast held in their honor is described. The disir often appear to members of their families to help or often punish and are said to appear in dreams. They should not be confused with the w?lcyrgen (valkyrkur) who are handmaidens of W?den (Odin). The idesa of one's family may be called upon in some spell workings esp. those dealing with family matters. They are esp. helpful with childbirth and also attend deaths.

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If you want really good info on the Anglo Saxon version of Asatru Swain's the guy to look too. I've always been interested in the Land Wights. I think the word Wight in general is just a word used to describe spirits. I have one of his books and it was a pretty good read.


Jacob Grimm writes extensively about them in Teutonic Mythology but the books are very hard to read. I bough the whole 4 book series for my Husband for Yule a few years back. They were pricey but well worth it. I'm only a few pages into that section of the book and I already have a boat load of notes.

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