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Bara Ceirch-Welsh Oatcakes


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Bara Ceirch Welsh Oat Cakes-akin to Scottish Bannocks


6 oz medium oatmeal,

6 oz whole wheat flour

1 tsp salt

1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda

3 oz butter

2 tbsp water


Mix oatmeal, flour, salt and bicarb. in a bowl and rub in butter. Add enough water to make a soft dough. Roll out, cut into rounds and bake.


There are many variations such as adding cheese, herbs, but other items could be added.


Bake on a moderately hot girdle or in a thick frying pan, for about ten minutes. Allow to harden in a warm place. In the old days it was customary to leave the oatcakes to harden on a "diogyn" literally a "sluggard" in front of the fire. Oatcakes must be pressed and rolled out as quickly as possible. It is not advisable to mix too many at the same time.


This isn't my recipe,its one I came across. This recipe is used during Beltaine from what Ive heard.

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I wish I knew someone who makes bannocks! I've never seen them anywhere and they weren't eaten in the Highlands anytime in my families history.


Oatcakes now are a different story. They are eaten all the time, sold everywhere and easy to make. No wheat at all though and no bicarb....pure oats...quick and easy and I love them. Healthy too because there's no butter in them and most varieties are salt and sugar free, but you can make them yourself and add what you like.

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