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Permission to dowse????

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Posted 13 April 2014 - 08:45 AM

I realize this is an old thread and the people may be gone but I have to say none of what is described matches what I was shown to be dowsing.


For me one either has two copper wires that are loosely held in the finger tips or curved into an elongated L shape with the L portion loosely held and one walks until the two rods come together and actually cross over one another as your over the water site.  The two rods being held about 8 inches apart or shoulder width spread.  The closer you get the closer the two rods move towards one another.  Then as you move away the two rods will then uncross the further you get from the water source.  If using an Oak or Sycamore Y shaped branch you do the same with regards to holding it but its loosely held by the ends of the Y and you walk along checking.  When over the water source you'll notice the end of the branch will start to fold down and point to the ground. Literally you'll see the end bend down towards the ground.  While other woods could be used I was always told to choose Oak or Sycamore due to their associations with water and being able to feel its vibrations and weight beneath the ground.  Didn't have much to do with the elemental aspect of it or landspirits assisting the dowser.  For me I see sort of an aquamarine blue colored haze that simmers over the area.  If its high off the ground I know water is close to the surface, if its down close to the ground then the water is fairly deep. I was told that's the water ribbon that reveals there is water in the area, the more there is of it the more water there is there.  While I tend to be so so with it my grandfather who taught me cold find it every time, said its in the fingers.


The only time I've ever seen pendants of any sort used has been using a woman's wedding band to determine the sex of an unborn child,  Vaguely recall back and forth or side to side over belly is a son, up and down the torso is a daughter. Wide circles or loops usually meant twins or triplets.  When I've done it its usually be 75 percent accurate as a guess.  I've seen crystal pendants used over maps to locate minerals, treasures or lost objects.  Ironically though never for locating water.  When used with maps there have been no questions asked the person simply focused upon an area of the map and allowed the pendant to move and point to an area or place.  The few I knew who did this preferred 3d maps but simple flat maps worked for them.  On one occasion I did see a reader drop the pendant and the direction of the chain indicated the path and where something lay and which was the strongest presence.


I have to admit the references to asking is the pendant ready to work makes me think more of Augry than Dowsing.  Augry is not the right word as that is divination via observation of birds but its the word that is coming to mind.  Asking lots of questions and seeing if the entity or force that is going to control the pendant is ready to help you.  Lots of formality and structure from what I recall as your not tapping into your own energies and connections but relying upon something to manipulate the pendant to tell you an answer.  Almost like using a talking board and having it spell out your answer except the results are pointed to.

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