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Shaking Medicine


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This book talks about what (probably known) as the oldest medicine on earth-"Shaking Medicine".


Many religions/paths use this (Pentecostals, Voodoo, Shamans, Indian, etc.) in all parts of the world, especially third world countries.


This has also been used by therapists in some experimental cases.


I simply love this book and can relate to how it talks about healing the body and spirit through shaking.


First, Mr. Bradford explores the history, case studies and methods surrounding "Shaking Medicine", then he breaks it down into steps for the reader. There is also a CD with this book (though, sadly I got this book from the flea market so the CD wasn't included, but plan on getting it later).


For anyone who is learning about healings...or simply want to read up on primitive methods of healings and such...this book is absolutely perfect.

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