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Planet of the Apes


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Greetings All


Yes I can hear you ... what the!?!?!


You see I delight in the finding of wisdom in the unlikelist of places. ANYONE can pick up pearls from the Boddhisattva's floor or at the feet of the hidden masters ... BUT when you wander away from so called pulp thinking "Oh my Gods ... I never thought about it like that" ... THEN you've had a flash of enlightenment.


These series of films that I am rewatching at the moment are just like that. I remember years ago a guy I met describing them as a really good first movie followed by several silly's that are guilty pleasures. I nodded absently and he seemed pleased.


Still I couldn't DIS agree more!


The first film was a ground breaking social comment for it's time. It explores the possibilities of man's continual inhumanity to the others on this planet as well as his own. It does so in that clever Sci Fi way that makes you feel uneasy BUT still allows you to take it in cause it's fiction. Hell people like us have been using allegory and mataphor to delineate the most precise of socio moral lessons sinc the days of cave painting so here are some modern myth cycles no less the poignant for panavision.


Then come the others oh my!


The first made you shudder ...but then comes Beneath the Planet of teh Apes where the same themes are repackaged for the hard of understanding and then hammered on to one's forehead with the questioning of organised religion and the nature of real power. "I reveal my innmost self before my God" Ahhhh! And when you listen carefully to their litany ... well it is feasaible and makes sense digetically. It is all the more haunting for it's much later reuse in the songs of Thrussel's band "Snog" on the "Third Mall from the Sun" album. Scary stuff indeed!


Escape from the Planet of teh Apes brings teh wuestion back home. Hell we aren't all part of the nuclear deterrant but we have ALL reacted poorly to someone who was different. The bringing of the Apes to the modern man world is just distressing. Monkeys!? Prizefights? At what point does our legal system recognise consciousness as sentience. I defy anyone with the head on to sit through the last five minutes of this one without reaction.


The same can be said of the whole of Conquest which was roundly criticised for parallelling race riots of the time. It questions teh nature of personal freedom and what even one man will do in the cause of freeing himself, the ones he loves, his world (?)


The final chapter rounding out the myth cycle Battle for the Planet of teh Apes is perhaps a tad more subtle - unless of course you have a family. It takes all of the previous themes and in a clever way makes them all themes within the family unit which is mirrored as it is stressed by the battle ofpolitical ideologies written as absolutes.


All in all a disturbing view into the way we each personally are via the comfort of a world unlike our own in just enough ways .....

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Hhmm...good summary of the movies Scott...I have seen the collection of the Planet of the apes sagas and must admit that when it comes down to it...the actual battle is for each own perspective ideologies. That and also each owns' battle to overcome society's prejuice.

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