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Guest Rebie

I can relate to rowans experiance. Once when gazing into my mirror I saw myself morph into an old , very old woman. I also felt I was dying. A few months later my grandmother died. And I was crippled with pain for a few years. It was so bad, I thought I was dying. I am better now. So, I think the mirror was giving me two messages in one. It was scary to see, but now I understand what it all meant.

Question? My whole life, I have been able to just slip into a trance. Standing, driving or sitting. Anywhere. In the mall, at a resturant, my backyard, the shower. If I am quiet for just a moment, it can happen.

I will be sitting or standing anywhere and will start to stare off into space. Only I do not see space. I see things, events and conversations. MY husband hates it when I do that because it looks like I am staring at people when we are in public. When actually I do not see them at all. They could be right in front of me, and I do not see them. If we are in public, he will snap his fingers or wave in front of my face while saying my name. It will take a few seconds for me to respond to him. I have to come back out of the trance. I do not control this. It will just come on if I am sitting quiet for a moment. It has happend while driving a few times. that is scary. I do get information sometimes when this happens. It does not happen everyday or all the time. so i do not think I am staying in my higher chakras too much. What do you guys think? Is that considered scrying??


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