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Blomnd Moment!!


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First let me say that I am 1/2 blond /2 gray, but this still qualifies.....


When the site was down, I got bored, lonely...needing something witchy to read. So I went to a site that I used to hang out at (so glad I found here). These Wiccans are really funny at times. I had some really good laughs about some of things they talked about just like we do:


Hexes/Curses: NEVER per them

Black Magic: Never ever

Circling Casting: must alway be done, even for meditating

Tools: must always be used for any ritual

Spells: only if it is absolutely necessary

Paths: find 1 and stick to it

Age to Start: must be an adult, children can't understand

Is my daughter possessed? What herb do I use for ........ what stone.......etc


I never realized just how narrow minded they were. I admit, I came to this site several times and was not sure what I was or where I was going. But after a few times visiting, I found that I was not one of them. But with everyting that I dod, I belonged here. Thanks for having me!!!!



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hahah it is only when you step away from something you can then see the whole picture .. quite a sad bunch of people if that is truly honestly how they live their life. Which I personally think most of that is against nature itself LOL


My son who is just 8 is a freaky natural healer - I think Children are far more in tune with natural energy than adults and they should be encouraged, not dismissed.

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Aint that the truth. I just posted a new thread about this book Utterly Wicked. She basically says the same.....you can't be nice all the time.


My youngest started displaying what I call the sight when he was like 3 yrs old. My parents lived in Florida and one day he told me Papa was sick. Ok......so I called and sure enough, he was sick. I knew 2 days later when he was rushed to the hospital. So no age is too young. Now I try to encourage it, which he hates. One day he'll learn to accept it.

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lol, omg... those silly Wiccans... ;) And I agree about children being more in-tune (or at least capable of being more in tune) than most adults.

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