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The Art and Practice of Creative Visualization

Ancestral Celt

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Author: Ophiel

ISBN-10: 1578630010

ISBN-13: 978-1578630011


This book is a great introduction to the techniques of creative visualization. It is set out in a workbook format, though the majority of the practical exercises are given in the last chapters. The author does repeat himself, though he does give a valid reason for so doing.


I would recommend starting the exercises in the earlier chapter as soon as you read it. If you have an aversion to ceremonial magic, you may find the exercises a little annoying, but, for the purposes of progressing, work through the practice visualizations as given. This is only a starting point and the author gives symbols which are quite easy to start with, regardless of their purpose.


I can highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to undertake basic work in the occult arts. The author helps to de-mystify what is an awkward, esoteric subject to teach.

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