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witchy music


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I wondered what is everyone's favourite music with a witchy feel?


Mine are:


Beth Gibbons "Out of Season"- gorgeous autumnal tunes with a certain Wicker Man feeling to themand lyrics about trees...love it.


Joanna Newsom-"Ys" hippy harpist who sings about bears and monkeys and magical happenings. didn't like her at first but I'm really into her now even if she is unforgivably pretty!:mad:


Bat for Lashes- "Fur and Gold"- the most amazingly magical album ever IMO! makes me want to ride off on a magical horse and go on a quest :)


and PJ Harvey's song 'Grow Grow Grow' which is so haunting...her lyrics are hard to get but it seems to be about a young girl planting a seed... nature's magic and female secrets passed from mother to daughter

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Wendy Rule's albums are very witchy (and pagan); the album Songs of Witchcraft and Magic is a folk music compilation that I truly enjoy; and Alex and Michelle Garcia Diaz do a wonderful album called Sacred Chants, which puts me into a trance almost before the first track is finished; and I love the Mediaeval Babes as well.


I have always enjoyed Enya's music and that of Lisa Gerrard, too - they often invoke images of magic in my mind's eye.

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So I checked them out and I have new people I like! WOOT!


Wendy Rule, Mediaevle Baebes, PJ Harvey, VAS and Bat for Lashes so far have my attention.


As cheesy as this sounds, I liked Loreen McKinnitt's singing so much, it literally brought tears to my eyes and made me think of my honeymoon. Wow. So lovely...thanks Anjel!:flirt:

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I love Loreena Mckennit. Enya is one of my fav's to. I love drumming and chanting. The Celestine prophecy is not a witchy CD, but it is great for me when meditating. Also the first song on the CD is my flying song. I can close my eyes , get into a trance and then I am flying. You guys should try it.


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oh yeah, Lea, nothing like Barry singing "Mandy" to get me into a conjuring mood!:rofl:



lol...yeah, I was in a "mood" last night!


But seriously, I find a lot of music from the 70's and 80's can "take me there", especially the 70's, without any other influence. Plus there is a lot of Native American music I like.

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Loreena McKennit, Vas, Laura Powers ( occasionaly), Medieval Babes ( I don't feel they are particularly witchy but I like them anyway), Sharon Knight is brilliant, Mostly Autumn, Pia (the Benediction Moon album is excellent), Triskalia, Spiral Dance, Michelle Mays......just a few I like

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Kelli Ali's "Rocking Horse" sounds very witchy too me. I get this "olde world" feel from it and it sounds very peaceful. Her voice is very childlike. Haunting, sweet and innocent. Also by her is "Willows Song". Check it out.

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okay so just a few artists that make me feel witchy:


Lorren Mckennitt

Dar Williams -especially the songs, calling the moon, the beauty of rain, and This Was Pompeii (I absolutely love the last song)

Black Tape for a Blue Girl- they are n etheral goth band

Cat Power

Billie Holiday

Erykah Badu

Dead Can dance

Janis Joplin

Joanna Newsom

Lydia Lunch (when I am feeling really dark and evil...loll)

Nina Simone

Patti Smith

PJ Harvey

Sinead O Connor (her newer music from about 2000 and on)

Tori Amos (defintely)



And then there are compilation cds. Specifically


O Sister!

O Sister 2!


they are bluegrass compilations. And for me they help me connect to my heritage. Being that I am from the appalachian mountains of Virginia. they really put me in the mood sometimes.

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Today whilst reading some of my favourite blogs.. I found this link..


Ohhh her voice and the whole piece of music is so haunting, magical and inspiring.. sorry for the gushing guys.. but this is beautiful and very witchy..(at least I think so! :puppykiss:)


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