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Alcoholic trifle


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This is the best dessert to end a day of feasting and drinking, normally when i serve this dessert, the family has put at least 2-3 glasses of wine/beer away and this just hits the spot nicely! Although be warned, can cause aprodisiac like effects on some people, all that sweet sugary goodness and the alcohol tis quite potent ;)


Rose's Alcoholic Trifle


1 sponge cake several days old ( so its slightly stale)

Strawberry jam or cherry conserve

Custard ( i prefer to make my own but a good quality store bought one works just as well as long as it doesnt have as many colourings and preservatives in it - dont even try custard powder or the flavour and texture of the trifle will be ruined)

aged sweet sherry


1.)cut the sponge into cubes of around 2-3 cm. make sure you have enough pieces to make two layers and that you have a dish that can fit all the cake and the custard in it , the deeper the better.

2.) start with one cake cube and spread jam over each side and place in a dish, continue with the rest until the bottom of the dish is covered by cake.

3.) liberally pour sherry over cake pieces until each is covered in it, I normally used about half a cup -2/3 a cup...you dont want to drown the cake pieces though.

4.) pour first layer of custard on top so that all spaces are filled and al cake pieces are covered.

5.) repeat steps 2-4.

6.) shake out air bubbles and top up with custard if necessary, if you find after it has sat for a while, the custard sinks and the cake is visible, pour more custard on top.

7.) decorate with dessicated coconut if desired and chill over night. Serve.

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now thats a realy interesting idea! i do like a bit of toffee ;)


I reakon the panatone would be quite interesting in the triful mix, I've never actually had fruit in trifle before, even though its suppose to be used traditionally in trifle :) tell me how that works if u have leftover panatone :D

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