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Mulled cider

soap fairy

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You need :


Proper scrumpy not the fizzy stuff that should only ever be used as a form of population control

small muslin bag containing : 2 sticks of cinammon

handful of cloves

cardamon pods

piece of dried ginger


Sliced blood orange





Pour the scrumpy into a large pan , add spice bag and heat gently ,

Add sliced blood orange and a couple of good spoons of honey

when warm and you can smell the spices , remove from heat and add a couple of good slugs of dark rum


sit back and enjoy as those brain cells surrender


{You can do this non-alcohlicly with apple juice but why would you want too???}

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Here's my crockpot version without the alcohol:


2 qt bottle of apple cider

3 cinammon sticks

1 tablespoon of whole cloves

1 tablespoon of whole allspice

1/2 cup of brown sugar

2 large oranges


Pour the cider into the crockpot. Add the brown sugar and stir til the sugar's dissolved. Place the spices into a muslin bag, or a sealable tea bag (which is what I use) then drop that into the mix. Slice up two large oranges and toss them in. Cover, and set the crockpot on low and let it brew for about 3-4 hours.


VERY yummy! (and it mixes with rum quite nicely) I doubled the recipe for a Christmas party I went to last night and it was GONE in about an hour. :D


Yours sounds very tasty, SF!! I will have to try it your way as well.

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Scrumpys is the somerset term for cider , usually means the flat farm brewed stuff .

Traditionally in somerset they say you can tell good scrumpy if theres a rat floating in the barrel but personally I go for the does it blow your head off method .

Its usually deceptivlly strong because if you get the good stuff its very palatable but the alchol content is usually around 7 %

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