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Special cranberry sauce

soap fairy

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:shock: handle with care


you need


1 pound of cranberries

1 bottle pectin

3/4 of a bag of sugar

cider vinegar

6 birds eye chillis

tbsp of paprika



Boil up the cranberries in enough water to cover them by about 2 inches

Chop tops of chillies and add them whole {DO NOT DESEED ,OR SCRATCH YOUR REAR AT THIS POINT !}

Add 3/4 of a bag of sugar and paprika , start to reduce by a 1/3rd . When the cranberries are soft , take off the heat , add 3 tbsps of cider vinegar

and the pectin.

Cool slightly and put into pre-sterilised jars .

This should make about 3- 4 jars full and should keep for up to a year in a cool dark place ..

Very nice with roast pork or duck!

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