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MIND PENETRATION (The Ancient Art Of Mental Mastery)


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ISBN-13: 978-0-8065-2852-6

ISBN-10: 0-8065-2852-4


AUTHOR: DR. HAHA LUNG (also author of: Mind Manipulation)


Ok first off...I JUST NOTICED this doctors first name as "HAHA" (I'm not EVEN going to comment about how I feel he is probably laughing his ass off at me now for trying to read his book!!! LOL!!!).


Seriously though, I got this because having grown up in the military, I was pretty much familar with this to an extent anyhow. Not to mention the fact that as witch...(come on let's be honest here LOL)...this method IS used within our own kind.


In his book, Dr. Lung explores the history and origin of mind manipulation (while also discussing some ancient Eastern and modern Western methods/practices as well).


This is more of a "mental-ass-whooping" how to book that is good to give the reader that extra little kick of confidence to tackle whatever problems they may encounter.


It also serves to show the reader how to "think and react on their feet"






Practice doesn't mean necessarily make perfect, but it damn sure makes good sense. Make your training scenarios as realistic as possible.


Nine-Eleven was a wake-up call for many martial arts instructors. While sparring and forms of practice still have their place, the ultimate scenarios is "How do I go through those two goons blocking that cockpit door in order to keep their third buddy from crashing this plane! Those bastards are standing between me and my loved ones, between me and the rest of my life!


THERE is your realistic training scenario. There is your mind-set for devoting your time, effort and perhaps the rest of your life to an endeavor.


(By the way, terrorists don't care if they die or not. Guess what? We don't care if they die or not either!).


And, for a little less intense application:


You practice your "Hire me/Promote me" speech. You practice your pick-up lines, your posture, and hopefully same of your love-making technique!


Life requires practice. Practice the same way you should live your life...to the hilt! Confidence is contagious!"


Now...the first time I opened that book I opened it to this VERY segment and it simply grabbed my full attention.


IMO...this is a GREAT book to have in your collection :) :) :) :)

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