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boozy fruit

soap fairy

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Right this is a v.v.v.v easy recipe and if you do it now it'll be ready in time for new year!


Get a big kilner jar {type you use for pickling/jam making }


Get little plums and prick them all over with a fork , put in sloes , crab apples , blackberries , raspberries basically anything you have lying around in the freezer {if you're buying them fresh , freeze overnight first}


When the jar is about 2/3rds full put in enough sugar for there to be about an inch visible in the bottom once it settles {Once you've done the recipe a few times you can vary it according to taste and fruit type}


Top up with vodka , gin , eau de vie or preserving alcohol. Leave for about 3 weeks turning twice daily {should be out of sunlight}


After 3 weeks , open jar , spoon out fruits and serve with the liquer in small glasses and the fruits in a bowl with cream or youghurt on top ..


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