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This is a real Newfie way to stuff anything: poultry mostly but I've used it for fish and pork too..I've also heard of people stuffing beef roast (but I've never done it). We call it "dressing" though it is a stuffing.


Newfies don't use sage in their poultry stuffing. We use Summer Savory. The taste blends wonderfully with whatever it's cooked with and usually we will make more than necessary and have it with fries and gravy (Arabi, like your poutine).


Newfoundland Dressing:


(This recipe is enough for one 4lb chicken)


Bread crumbs

Onion (one medium, diced)

Savory (about 4-5 tsps - I tend to use more)

Butter (melted)

Salt & Pepper


All ingredients are to taste...some like to saute the onion-I prefer it raw. Also instead of bread crumbs, take a few slices of bread and pulse it in a food processor (or hand pick if you have the time) in to a more chunky texture - say the size of your thumbnail.


Combine bread crumbs, onion (saute in butter if preferred), savory. Add melted butter and mix. Add salt and pepper and mix...stuff poultry and bake until cooked thoroughly.


Alternatively, Cook some french fries (- home fries from fresh are best)..salt and pepper the fries, spread a generous portion of dressing on top of the fries and smother in really hot gravy! YUMMY!

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oooh good timing will remember this one for upcoming hols!

What I often do with stuffing for bread crumbs is toast the bread then put it in a bag and beat the hell out of it with a rolling pin , then just soak in a bit of red wine to get the stuffing to stick together !


Cool...sounds yummy...


For an extra oomph, and for those who like curry..add the slightest amount of curry powder. If you can see the yellow on the uncooked dressing, you've added too much...just a dusting, really. It gives the dressing that little extra something..


For the breadcrumbs, I usually start the day before, leave the bread out overnight letting it get stale, then hand pick it apart. This is, of course, only for special occasions or when I haven't anything else to do the night before...but nothing can beat the texture of hand picked...

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