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The Garden of Eden - Like You've Never heard before -


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Sorry guys!



Once upon a time, Eve was walking thru the Garden of Eden, having a nice chat with God.

"So, Eve" said God- "How goes it? Are you happy"?

"Yes, quite", replied Eve. "This garden is gorgeous, the animals are interesting, as is the plant life. My days are filled with beauty."

"But...." said God.

"Well" said Eve, "I get lonely at times."

"Ah, I see" said God. "I'll tell you what, I will create for you 'man'. He will be stronger and faster than you, so you won't have to work

so hard hunting. He will help you carry heavy loads, making your work easier. He will talk and laugh with you. Also, you will

find him pleasing to look at and touch. I hope this will make you happy, Eve."

Eve, raising a quizical brow, said "Whats the catch"?

"Well' said God, "This 'man', he will be vain glorious and conceited. In fact, he will be so self absorbed, he will think I made him first."

"Eve, I want you to go on and let him believe that, that I made him first."

"The truth that you were here first will be our secret, you know, JUST BETWEEN US GIRLS"!

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