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Power Wrap


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I'm giggling a bit thinking of this as a recipe. I'm not a good cook, but I wanted to share some quick food ideas. :)


1 whole wheat tortilla, fajita size (I use the Mission brand, no lard added)

1/2 cup raw spinach leaves

1/3 cup canned whole red kidney beans

1 tsp hummus (I like red pepper, but plain chickpea spread is good too)


Drain the canned beans and heat on low (they are already soft and cooked), and heat the tortilla briefly (I don't have a microwave, so I use a skillet for the tortilla and a saucepan for the beans on the stovetop). Should heat beans and tortilla for about 2 minutes, then remove from heat. Spread the hummus thinly on one side of the tortilla. Add spinach leaves so they stick in a single layer to the hummus, then add the beans. Wrap carefully and enjoy :)


Note: I call this the "power wrap" partly because it's fast and easy (not messy) to make, but mostly because each ingredient is super good for you. The whole grains in the tortilla supply fiber, as do the beans (red kidney beans are also an excellent source of protein and even better load of antioxidants). The hummus is low fat and usually made with heart-healthy olive oil, and the spinach is practically made of good vitamins and minerals.

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Yeah, if you like burritos as much as I do, you'll like this one because it has much less fat. I think the key to this "recipe" for me is thinly spreading the hummus and only sticking on the leaves in one layer, otherwise you'll be overwhelmed and feel like you're taking a munch out of a tree (I'm not a salad person).

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