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Do you use, own,tarot cards?

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#41 RavenFlyer


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Posted 06 October 2008 - 07:15 PM

Okay so I love tarot cards and oracle carrds. In the last week oddly enough I have been given two more sets of tarot cards. I am going to list my cards and a slight review.

Deviant Moon Tarot- My favorite. they are a little darker. They seem to really help with the more inner emotional senses. they help bring awareness of emotions and events that you are ignoring that need to be noticed.

Robin Wood- the ones I really learned on. they are good for basic readings. I like some of the artwork on these cards still, but they are now a little to simplistic for my taste.

The Chinese Tarot- These are nice to look like. For readings they aren't the best. The minor arcana are just pip cards. I got these more because I could afford them, in placement of the deck that i have been vying for for years (the ukiyoe tarot, but sadly this is out of print).

The rider waite (and Giant Rider waite)- the quinessetinal cards (as it were). These were the ones I orginially started to learn on. There is not much to say that hasn't been repeated ad naseum. Good for learning basic reading techniques and meanings. The Giant version is good for meditation due to its extreme size it is really hard to shuffle.

The Ancient Tarot of Lombardy- Very visually pretty. Again this set suffers from teh minor arcana just being pip cards. However these supposedly being reproductions of ancient tarot card imagery makes the major arcana very pretty. For a little historical beauty these are ones I would recommend. I have never had very clear readings with this deck.

the Dragon Tarot- This deck I was given last monday. At the store I woek at doing Tarot readings. I went in one day to let the owner know i would not be in on Friday. And while I was there she said she had a present for me. A lady she knew brought them in and said her mother had passed away and had told her to take her [the mother's] cards to someone who could use them. So the daughter brought them to the store and asked the owner to pass them along. So they came to me. I have not a chance to really get to know them yet.

The goddess tarot- My friend's boyfriend who I met for the first time last night said after meeting me he had something he wanted me to have. He went to his bedroom and returned with ths deck. And three other books. One was Crowley's 777, Phil Hine's Condensed Chaos, and Generation Hex. But I digress. I flipped through the cards. Very pretty artwork. I like how each set is ruled by a different goddess. I particularly am not a big god/goddess worker anymore. I mostly focus on the dead and spirits I meet in trance.

Now the Oracle Deck

Gypsy Witch Oracle- We have a thread here on it. I never really cared for it. I think it is in my parent's garage.

Medicine Cards- I LOVE LOVE LOVE these cards. I don't use them nearly enough. Being that I am part Cherokee I have always felt very close to the idea of animal medicine. As well as a lot of people who do not have native american geneology in them feel close to it as well. I like the accompanying book that comes with it. there are also cards with no images on it, so you can attach other animals to it once you learn their medicine and include it for your readings.

Decks I wish I had

#1 Ukiyoe Tarot- I am not sure what it is that pulls me to this deck. Especially since I do nto like pip cards, and this deck suffers from that as well.

#2 Halloween Tarot- i think these are fun cards. And we all need a little fun in our lives.

#3 Osho Zen- these according to my friend, Kaye, who owns the store i read for are great for meditation purposes.

#4 fantastic Menagerie- Just look at these cards. 'nuff said. lol

And i will stop there. seeing as how this post is already really long.

#42 Nyxiah


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Posted 07 October 2008 - 12:35 PM

Wow some of them are gorgeous and thanks for the link to aeclectic.net - what an awesome site :D
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#43 RavenFlyer


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Posted 07 October 2008 - 04:15 PM

You are very welcome. I hope you find all teh cards that you need! I really like some of the unpublished ones. Sadly as a general public we cannot get those. lol

#44 Tiffany



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Posted 07 October 2008 - 06:01 PM

I inherited the housewives deck but i'm not so sure I'll be able to read with them, they are currently sitting on my bookcase daring me to have a go.