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Blå Jungfrun Island, Sweden


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I found this article that is very interesting. In it, it mentions "Maundy Thursday" with no explanation of what that day is, so, naturally and being the very curious person I am (that's how I ended up being a witch in the first place, lol) I had to go look it up.  https://www.ancient-origins.net/ancient-places-europe/bl-jungfrun-island-sweden-witches-dwell-and-labyrinths-confuse-009779

I found this info on Maundy Thursday: 

The story of Easter witches originates from the first Maundy Thursday when Judas betrayed Jesus. It was believed that on this day, evil was released into the world – including witches, who would fly on their broomsticks to Blåkulla, an island where the Devil would welcome them to his court.
One way to protect yourself from this supposed threat was to burn large fires, believed to scare them away. At darker points in history, these fires were a time to burn women accused of witchcraft at the stake.
This tradition has become far more palatable and child friendly in recent times, and is now similar to the American Halloween tradition of trick or treating.
Children don headscarves and shawls, mark their faces with rosy red cheeks and freckles, and go door to door swapping homemade cards for candy.
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