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I wanted to make a short post on some of the changes that have been made.


As some of you will see, the Forum Categories have been changed and moved around. There has also been new member tiers introduced, which I want to explain.

The tiers are:

Guests - Non members (Guests have a more limited access now)

Lurkers - Approved Application but are yet to make a post in the Introduction section.

Seekers - Those new to the forum start off with more limited content than before. This is to address a number of things, but mainly for those who sign up and never post and those that are very new to witchcraft.

Pathwalkers - (This gives access to everything else that Seekers could see before and more). To move from Seeker to Pathwalker you need to have been a member of the site for more than 6 months and made a set number of posts. (If we notice anyone making lots of small unmeaningful postings to get this number up we will simply deduct them).

Crooked Path - This is what used to be called "Members". To move from Pathwalkers to Crooked Path, you need to have been a member for 18 months and made a set number of posts.

In effect, your participation is rewarded with more content. Some older full members who posted very little have also been demoted based on the new tier criteria. We feel this system is fairer. It is about being an active member of this forum, not who or what you know. The Admin Team also hold the right to amend member's tiers if we feel it is appropriate.

There is still some reshuffling of Forum content to be made, so please bare with us. As I'm sure you can appreciate, after more than 15 years of content, there is a lot to go through. 

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to message myself, or any of the Admin Team.

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