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"Magia" (a song)


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"Magia" (magic) is a son by Gustavo Cerati, an Argentinian (passed away) musician. The lyrics remind me of what Doreen Valiente says about magic of the mind in her book Natural Magic. She says:


But how are the powers of the mind to be awakened? We are told much of the great importance of will-power, concentration and so on; how can these qualities be developed?

Much depends on how much in earnest people really are and on how much time they are prepared to give to the pursuit. There is a great difference between willing something and just weakly wishing it.

In the lyrics, Cerati says


Everything serves me, nothing is lost
I transform it.
I know, it never fails.
The universe is in my favour.

Reminds Valiente's words: "the adept knows that everything in the world may be at his service, to use and enjoy for the good of himself and others -yet it is only loaned  to him for a time, by the powers of nature and destiny". The state of mind in the lyrics suggests that he has being persuaded not to (dissuaded from) follow his will, but he insists on it. This kind of attitude in regards to his will is the attitude for magic like if there was something that is calling or there is something that will be found. The result is equivalent of the desire.

Here are the lyrics (translated from Spanish):


Maybe I seem to get lost on the road
But my intuition guides me

Nothing matters more to me than making the journey
More than knowing where I'm going

Don't try to persuade me
I'm gonna keep at it

I know, it never fails
Today the wind is blowing in my favour
I'm gonna keep on doing it

The shiny things
Always come out of the blue
like the geometry of a flower

And it's a word
before your lips drop it
Without secrets there is no love

Everything serves me, nothing is lost
I transform it.
I know, it never fails.
The universe is in my favour.

And it's so magical...
I'm going to keep on doing it.

Any pretext will do
Any excuse, any mistake
Everything conspires in my favour.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

At the same time some other subjects can be read as magical topics, such as the action of the wind (although is a metaphor), transformation of things o materials into magical ones, a force that confirms the will, intuition, a journey as the Fool of the Tarot, among others,

What do you see/read?

It can be listened here.


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