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History & Witchcraft today


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There's an article called "Managing Our Darkest Hatreds and Fears: Witchcraft from the Middle Ages to Brett Kavanaugh" by historian Diane Purkiss, written one year ago (Athenaeum Review, issue 3, Fall/Winter 2020). She considers the perspective on what we can call ' pagan tradition' in the modern way of understanding witchcraft by some groups. Tha article points to the way witchcraft has been taking part of cultural mainstream regarding practice and paganism, and how medieval witchcraft is (mis)understood in these contexts.

I think that it is a must read (by the way, she has interesting books) in its best critical perspective.

It echoes some points I have been thinking of personally about the same topics (politics, practice, tradition, modern paganism, etc).

If you have the time to take a look, it would be good to know what do you think.

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