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Poison Path Herbal from Coby Michael

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Please note: this thread discusses the use of baneful substances. 

Many witches have and use herbs and brews which can be harmful or fatal. We ask that you treat the posts in this forum area as information only.

We do not encourage nor endorse the use of illegal or poisonous substances. If you decide to ignore this disclaimer, you are on your own.

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As I'm not a native speaker I'll not do a full fledged review here ; nevertheless I'd like to present this recent book of Coby Michael, a long term practioner of the poison path, because I feel this book will become my handbook for everything related to recipes and plant cultivation.


Those 230 pages contain many self made - and some external - recipes of tinktures, ointments, blends etc. with many practical tips, the whole completed with historical, alchemical and ritual aspects.

In the practical chapters Coby is at ease, and one can feel his awsome experience shining trough.

He gives tips for cultivating, growing and harvesting and explains how to connect with plant familiars.

The book covers thorn apple, henbane, mandrak, wolfsbane, hemlock, different nightshades, hellebore and more ...

I'm really happy with my purchase ...

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That sounds like a very interesting book.  Especially the connecting with plant familiars part.  I always do feel a connection with my potted plants, but not so much with the planted in the garden, plants.  Sometimes, I get an insane desire to pet the Bumble Bees.  Probably not a good plan.

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Well don't buy the book just for the connection to plant familiars ... The author gives some basic advice but doesn'to really dive deep into it ...

As for the bumblebees, I sometimes do exactly that, with a rapid movement. And often they react with the same gesture that makes me laugh. They lift one leg to try to ged rid of the nuisance and strip it off. I can almost hear them say "stop it already"  😁

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I just got the book a few days ago as a late birthday present. I think it's a good book.   l joined his Fb group "Poisoner's Apothecary Discussion Group"  before I got the book. I wanted to learn more about the Poison Path. I have used herbalism as part of my trad  studies for a very long time. As far as baneful herbs/plants, I have used them mostly in incenses, potions, and magickal use, etc. as well as growing, harvesting, and collecting seeds for a very long time, too, but I wanted to learn more. Coby is a traditional witch, and he is active in the group as well as being a pretty down to earth person.  One thing that did surprise me was that he  wasn't pushy about his book. He encourages group members to read other books and  gives us a quick review of other author's books that would be useful to our own studies.  

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I'm going to have to get this!

I joined a group on farcebook also, history n lore of poison path (not the exact name can't remember the wording). Also some other groups (not sure of the politics of naming them here, so i won't). It's something i've always been fascinated w but never knew you could actually find books on it -  mine's been an incredibly long n slow path of experimenting. . . .

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