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The Willow Path by Kerry Wisner


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Hello all, I just finished the book "The Willow Path," by Kerry Wisner, Published by Troy Books.

First a note on the publisher, I was having a difficult time finding an available copy. So I contacted Troy Books and they got back to me quickly and were more than helpful.

The Willow Path

Kerry Wisner did a great job in the organization of the information he is trying to deliver to the reader. I would say the book is set up so the reader first sees the, Where his beliefs originate, what he has done through his spiritual path in the Art along with who influenced him. Then Kerry Wisner goes into the ways that the Art is influenced by the physical/astrological and ending in the how to section.

As Kerry Wisner states in his own description of his beliefs he is a culmination of Celtic traditional, Egyptian Hermetics and Wicca. Also, Kerry Wisner gives great appreciation and respect to Sybil Leek and his mentor Julie who helped him along his journey.

I liked that he is giving information from various traditions and sources that he believes, though he is not trying to convert or say that his is the only way.

I have a match stick of a brain and will definitely be rereading the Willow Path again to try and retain/understand more if the information Kerry Wisner is sharing.

I would recommend this book to those with at least a base of esoteric knowledge on up.


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