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I decided to give this poor old jewelry box a second life.  I found it at a Goodwill store for 99 cents in pretty rough shape.  As a kid in the 70s I loved going to hot rod shows and looking at all the wild paint jobs.  I especially loved the custom vans with the metal flakes, pearls and candy oversprays. Airbrushing and lace painting were a couple of my favorite techniques.  Here I have lace painted with candy blue over chrome silver and black with contour fading giving a definite moonlit forest look for the owl medallion I inlaid upon the lid.  The inner tray is completed the same way.  I added a mirror to the inside of the lid and framed it in blue velvet.  The rest of the box got the blue velvet treatment as well.  Magic and luxury in one pretty blue package...

20210304_163735 (1).jpg




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