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Animals & the craft

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Is it just me, or do Witches have a relationship with animals which goes unperceived by ordinary people?

From my personal experience, wild & domestic animals heal & thrive around me, I have rarely found it necessary to "cage" or contain them in any way, I only do so with distressed or injured animals to prevent self - harm & escort to safety. Personally they just seem to fall into a routine where they are "trained" & obey from their own free will, they come & go as they please. Often they will just one day vanish, however, they have their own minds & free will & I respect that they get called away by other things such as mates, young, or of course the obvious - getting eaten. However, the animals, the wild ones especially, have their own lives to live undictated by human intervention.

The love & light crowd may view it as cruel, however to me that is simply nature & nature acts rationally, it is the humans who tend to break nature's rules with their beliefs about what nature should be as opposed to what it actually is... I don't believe in containing animals against their own free will without purpose, nor randomly shipping them out to unfamiliar territory where they may be lost or worse, trespass on the land of another. I like to feed them & allow them to roam, something which annoys the normal folk around me so I keep feeding wildlife as secretive as possible.


I can't help but feel that humans have walked so far away from nature that they have forgotten the old in favour of the new believing it to be better... When in reality it's all exactly the same, all that's changed is their beliefs. 

I'm all about conservation personally. People do not perceive the damage they do with their "modern" lifestyles & overcrowded human populations... animal populations are separated by major roads & fences, I've seen small populations of various species trapped & in-breeding in towns & cities because they cannot navigate the environment safely to find mates due to people, dogs & cats... A lot of young die each year because they do not learn fast enough about the dangers of human environments & starvation sets in due to humans becoming more & more "aware of food waste" & leaving less food availability.


On top of that we have big cats roaming the countryside here unchecked, it seems they are quite happily breeding away in secret & people are oblivious to that to. Leopards seem to be the main culprits running loose. To be honest, these seem to actually fit in quite well here, they don't cause much trouble. Just take the occasional dog.


And then I hear people parroting on about how the animals all need moving to "safer environments" ... Not much talk about humans actually changing themselves. Where are these "safe environments?" The farmland isn't safe, humans use it for food & they don't want wildlife messing up their precious crops. Eating domestic animals would actually help since wild & domestic animals can live alongside each other on open grassland, mountainsides & in woodland quite happily with LESS impact on the environment, however many people are squeamish about eating meat these days due to all the mindless propaganda thrown about which has no true scientific backing whatsoever.

So that leaves nature reserves where populations are again separated from one another by human dominated environments & crammed into a limited area of territory... How people do not perceive how illogical it all is, I do not know.

Maybe it's not so bad in other countries, however, here in the Britain isles we are having a serious battle between man & nature obviously due to it being an island. Me, I'm on nature's side. I like traditional life more than modern.


I wish we could go back to horses... That would be fun & probably more environmentally friendly. Not so practical in this fast paced world, however, I think it would be good for some people to learn to slow down a bit.

You know the electric cars & such they are on about... What they don't tell everyone is the electricity lines they built many moons ago are super OLD & they can only carry so much electricity... This is why they've been charging more & insisting we all cut down electric consumption... The old lines cannot cope with carrying all the electricity for new homes being wired up to them. More & more people are switching to electric, yet they can't seem to replace the lines because the lines are deep & extend for miles to the power plants producing the electric via the burning of fuel which might as well be burnt directly at home for all the environmental sustainability it provides. 😒 

I had a woodburner on my boat, it was the most environmentally friendly thing I'd ever known & it did everything. I'll be getting another in the future & bugger their opinions.


Me ranting 😳 sorry guys. I hope it's not just me who finds it a bit of a pet peeve, how unrealistic people are & how far they've gone from the true nature of reality.


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