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Chthonia - a podcast exploring the dark feminine

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I started listening to this excellent podcast about dark feminine figures in religions and folklore by an academic (who's also clearly some sort of magical practitioner). Many episodes are on Greek goddesses since that's the host's field of research but there's a series on Tantric goddesses (which is pretty cool since you don't hear a lot about them in the West) and episodes about folkloric figures such as Baba Yaga or Black Madonnas. It's all really well researched and informative; it gives you leads to tons of primary sources to do your own research, which is extremely valuable as it's often hard to know where to start, and other witches or occultists are... not always great sources on entities.


Here's a video introduction to the project by the host, Brigid Burke, although you can take it with a grain of salt: I don't agree with her framework* yet I find the podcast impressive and useful.

* I come from historical materialism so an archetypal explanation of gender doesn't fly with me 😂

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