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I couldn't find a topic for this method of divination, only a scarce few scattered references, so I thought I'd start one! To be clear, I will be talking about the traditional method of divination using 16 figures - not about ley lines, places of power, sacred geometry or anything else it gets conflated with because of its ambiguous name.

Does anyone use this method of divination? Any thoughts or tips you'd like to share?

For those who don't know, geomancy is one of the most ancient continuous divinatory traditions. It probably started in the Arabian desert with diviners tracing the figures in the sand - hence the name, which translates to something like "reading by the earth". Geomancy is also sometimes cheekily nicknamed 'dirt astrology' because you place the figures in a house chart - the same used in astrology - to gain additional information. The figures also have planetary and zodiacal correspondences, which can give even more insights. It's still actively used in different cultures in and around Africa - I think the most vibrant branch of the tradition today lives on in Madagascar. There is a Western tradition as well, which is slightly different. It's currently enjoying something of a revival.

I love this method of divination because it's so down to earth. It's not invested in anything beyond answering exactly the question you asked, in as practical terms as can be. I feel very connected to a long line of diviners when I cast a chart, tracing the figures by hand, making the same gestures as people have made for millenia to answer the same basic concerns around substance and sustenance.

If you're interested in learning more, Sam Bloch's prolific blog The Digital Ambler is an excellent free resource. His free lecture series, Geomancy in the Reign of the Lady of Crowns from earlier this year is a solid introduction. If there's interest, I may elaborate here on what geomancy consists in exactly.



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