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Creatures Of The Night

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Just a smidge of light entertainment for the upcoming Samhain:


The day is filled with love and light, but my best work is done at night.

And in-between the twilight's lull, are creatures dark and beautiful.

The 'one of kind', the 'shunned all life', the 'lost' that walk along the knife.

These kindred spirits are my kin, the kind I find my interests in.

We 'nightmare creatures' fill the night, or so it's thought.... but that's not right.

Real 'monsters' also live in day, but not like how the films portray.

They prey on youngsters, old, or weak, and sex or drugs is what they seek. 

So next time someone sees the Witch, the Werewolf, Vampire... flip the switch.

And spare a thought for us you might, the misjudged creatures of the night...


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