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Plant spirit question

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#1 PrimalWitch


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Posted 20 December 2019 - 12:42 AM

This question I have is related to plant spirits that you have a personal relationship with. I'm soon moving and cannot take a particular plant with me. I do have someone who can take it (where I can still visit it) but I won't be able to keep the interaction the same. In my daily ritual honoring the spirits, this plant has kind of become a big part of my practice.

I considered the idea of taking a cutting to grow but I'm about to be living a rather nomadic lifestyle for the next little while and so I'm not sure about the logistics nor the ethics. This plant is a hibiscus, not sure if it's possible to keep them small (like bonsai style). Its non native and so if I couldn't take it with me later, I wouldn't feel right planting it in the wild.

The other possibility is taking a small branch that wouldn't be kept alive. In
the past my modified oboo/shrine was a pot filled with pebbles with a tree branch "planted" in it. I could easily go back to that since it can be very portable but I'm not sure if the spirit of the plant would still be connected... In the past my shrine was more a representative of the tengers (and other spirits I honor)... But this time there's an actual being that I've grown fond of and work with.

Anyway, I'm struggling with expressing my question but I'm wondering if it's possible to keep that connection with the hibiscus through it's branch beyond just a memento and if it's even a smart idea since the living plant will be residing with someone else (my SO's daughter so not a stranger but still....).

Considering there has been a few posts discussing plants, plant spirits and their uses in witchcraft I thought I'd ask for opinions here.

My initial opinion is (if acceptable by the hibiscus) taking a branch to act as a link would at least allow me to stay in regular contact with it. If this is a reasonable assumption, would there be reasons NOT to do this (and that maybe the responsible thing is to just let it go)?

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#2 Michele


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Posted 20 December 2019 - 08:30 PM

I definitely believe that a cutting from a plant will retain the spirit of the parent plant (and add some of it's own!). I would tell the plant your intention and then wait until it signifies to you what branch to cut. I believe that if cut, a living branch will retain the spirit of the plant (because it was living when you cut it). I'd also try to get one that is bigger than a twig (although you could also get a twig-size to preserve and carry with you in your pocket or purse so you always have contaact). If you could get a branched one and preserve it, then you could also hang things on it that relate to its use or the purpose of the shrine. 

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#3 FancyShadowCat


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Posted 16 February 2020 - 04:43 PM

I believe this is the main purpose behind many methods of wand crafting. In one instruction i read, the writer said to make sure you do not drop the piece of wood on the ground (most likely because the spiritual essence will be ‘grounded out’ into the earth, and you’ll have to get a new one). This may not be entirely accurate, but I agree with the mystical underlying premise. A wand should be a kind of fetish object with a spirit stored within it. If I were trying to preserve a connection with the hibiscus I would look into using wand-making procedures to preserve the spirit within.

And sorry I meant to respond much sooner but I decided to investigate my beliefs first, and then forgot about the thread. Lol.

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#4 Onyx


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Posted 16 February 2020 - 06:44 PM

Yes, I would agree that a wand would be perfect.  If possible of course.   Even a small wand would retain the spirit of the plant.  I have also heard that a wand should never touch the ground, not sure if that is wiccan lore though.  Wands have the element of Air.

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