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Custom Witch's Brew!


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"Into the charm'ed pot you go,

our power strong and future sure!

Loud we sing and strong we blow,

But what's this,

we need an ingredient more.


But before me such great witches watch,

Before wise eyes I can't risk to botch.

Tell me, wise ones, what to throw in,

into my little pot blackened by sin.

The real, the fantastical, and just for jokes,

whatever ingredient you throw at me, I'll rhyme it in, folks."


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What you need may be hard to find, a feather would do for the essence of Time.

"Yes, yes, throw more in!

Bring forth the power, the veil is thin!"


"In goes a feather, so dark and soft,

plucked fresh from a crow held magically aloft.

Obscure my will as time obscures us all,

over all things the sands of time shall fall.


In go the feathers within rags and wool,

but wait, the pot isn't nearly full!
Suggest some more and put them in,
fill the cauldron to the brim!"
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"And now for step two on this magical how-to!"



Procure a whisker from a cat, to divine where the happenin's are at ;)

"And now, we whisk in a whisker,

as we chant our high words in a low whisper.

And in the words of a certain lion said right,

'Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight!' "


Or a tail of a rat, to keep the ass from getting fat...


"Here I thought that there was nothing less 'in,'

than a butt that was so disappointingly thin.

But a clever curse this will make, hun,

to turn away all those anacondas with a lack of bun."

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for all of our haters who speak in words- so crass, let’s all throw in some sassafras.

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Leave the CBD to spoil,


Add an ounce of hashish oil,


Now mystic verses,must be spoke,


but let's not treat them like a joke,


A country verse from Mickey Gilley,


But synch the lips like Milli Vanilli

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