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Your witchy wear!

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Wow, nellopea, amazing work!!! Manifesting the material (someone totally left it there just for you) and obviously the sewng! What a great skill to have.


I am all about the cloak. My lifestyle and storage space is such that for the most part I have one main outfit that gets modified by season, so I don't have special ritual clothing vs everyday clothing. I was gifted a polyester black one about 7 or 8 years ago that got me through a lot, but I had to get rid of it for a few reasons, one being that the years took its toll and it smelt of mold, and I just couldn't take it anymore. I was sad about it because I had modified it, but, it had to go. I was not happy with the fact that it was full polyester either, because I work very close with bonfires during ritual and natural fibers are a necessity, otherwise the material melts. Some of the portions of that fabric were actually "hardened" from melting. And, it did not have a proper hood, which was a severe drawback. I needed an upgrade badly! So, I gave up my old one in hopes that it would clear the space for a new one.


Lucky me because I just was able to finally order another one, this one a 55% wool 45% acrylic blend. I couldn't find full wool in my price range to my liking/needs. I did find some beautiful full wool full circle ones made in Europe, but I couldn't wait the weeks necessary for them to be made and shipped. So both my old cloak and new one are oval. Not sure if the old one was full but the new one is. Another reason why I was into the oval: I've worn it before, so it will feel familiar to me. I have not received it in the mail yet, but it should be coming soon and I am so excited! I chose grey this time because much of my outfit has morphed into grey, and I wanted to match myself!


I still can't figure out why the coat became popular. As far as keeping a person warm goes, they are much less efficient. A cloak over ponchos and skirts creates its own micro-environment of warmth. And, I get pretty tired of feeling like Marshmallow Woman with heavy coat arms. My dexterity suffers with coats, but with a cloak, especially a full oval, my arms are much freer. Also, a coat requires many more steps, and precision of movement, to put on. A cloak only requires one fluid movement (ok, two, with clasp or tie/wraparound). I like being able to remove or put on my outerwear with absolute minimum of effort, and being able to drape the item rather than have to hang it (do I ever despise having to hang bulky items on hangers...) CloakGirl4Life over here :wickedwitch:

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