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3D to 5D concept

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#1 Hunter


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Posted 03 July 2019 - 12:45 AM

This new-age idea baffles me & it's becoming increasingly popular to the point it's in my face every time I go online except here.

To my knowledge there's realms as you'd call them, the physical (or biological) & the metaphysical (spiritual). The spiritual world requires the biological world & vice versa, if one disappeared then there would be no energy exchange between the dimensions. The spirits power the biological 3D bodies which then are "recycled" (for lack of a better word) & more bodies replace them, powered by more spiritual energy. This is just what I percieve & see in life, I'm not stating any of it to be true to fact. It's based on my own research of past life hypnotist accounts, astrology, etc.

I do believe there are other forms of life in the universe, dimensions, etc & from what I can gather there is nothing much stopping the energy (spiritual) from crossing from one to the next, so it's pretty free to travel across time & space. It's not a singularity, nor a whole thing this energy & it takes many forms, sepates & comes together, but when it possesses a body it is restricted to it's biological form, the brain & nervous system. It's a hard thing to grasp in the mind, but it's all or nothing, quite literally eternal, like time (or the lack of it's existance, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a planet evolving forwards on backward running time somewhere) & space itself.

However... the biological world "transcending" to 5D would make little sense surely? That would mean this biological 3D world would cease to exist as we know it & start to become a spiritual world which would come closer to the base energies of our universe which are actually in need of the "3D" worlds like ours to occupy ... I just couldn't see it happening, I think it would just rip earth's matter apart & completely destroy the planet, scattering what's left into the galaxy. We'd all be stardust, putting us back at square one of being simple energy searching across the universe for a biological host on a planet to power until it dies. Unless it was earth's time (which I highly doubt) then it just wouldn't occur & more to the point, is not occuring.

What are your own views on this idea? I wouldn't bring it up normally, but lately it's everywhere & I think many here could express good & interesting views on the theory.

Personally I focus on this world, here & now as we know it. I do what feels right, I guard & protect nature & I help others in need. I study & research all theories, no matter how wild because if I don't then I'll never understand how things work... I don't just look at one side of something, I look at it from every angle.

For example, there is next to no scientific evidence that Tarot works for example, yet many here know it does & how well is based on the energy exchange or working of the cards. The cards work just fine, what science is incapable of computing is the fact that the cards can only predict the most likely outcome... The future changes constantly due to factors & there are various paths for the future. You could predict something which then changes due to your knowledge of the prediction, reading a different outcome next session or some other factor may change things.

I'm just saying that science is woefully lapse at chaos in the universe. Even in the biological world scientists expect something to work the same way every time to a script & when it doesn't the scientists scratch their heads. The best scientists have accepted that there is no true form to science. Doctors are forced to accept that patients all have individual needs, yet on a DNA scale we are all almost identical... they find it very hard to understand why we are all the same, yet different in medical science.

My friends all think I should write a book on my theories, but if I did, it would be far too long. 🤣

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Nature is complicated. There are no "rules" & it's only when we understand that that we can truly grow to appreciate it.

#2 Zombee


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Posted 03 July 2019 - 02:39 PM

I've got to admit that I don't "get" 3D to 5D - maybe it's like Aquarian Age consciousness shift of the group mind. I can barely get my head around alternate time lines as a possible manner in which jumps between dimensions are accomplished. I kind of grasp that if you control gravity you control time. I've read about twenty-&-back age regression of secret black ops forces who recover their memory. So there's lots of ideas but nothing to pin down. I'd guess that if 3-to-5 is right in your face that there's something the subconscious mind is pointing to but I dunno. A shift would likely work with natural laws & consciousness would evolve as a result. And then i think consciousness would replicate through material reality. That's as much as my head can stand before fading to broadcast test pattern.
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#3 Mona


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Posted 03 July 2019 - 07:51 PM

"We'd all be stardust.."

It sounds better to me than just dust.

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