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Sexy Floral Cacao Libation Blend


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So many sexy holidays just around the corner! I'm sure many of us will spend some of the coming nights naked under the stars, but goodness it's still so chilly at night! Whatever will we do to warm up?  :naughty:


I suggest using this sexy floral cacao libation blend to make a myriad of warm drinks. Simmer in water for a delightful tea, powder and add to hot milk for "hot cocoa", let it steep in wine or mead for something a little more intoxicating to warm your bones. 





Sexy Floral Cacao Libation Recipe:


4 parts Rose petals

3 parts Cacao nibs

2 parts Lavender

2 parts Cinnamon (or throw in 1+ sticks)

1-2 parts Damiana (quite bitter... if you like bitter, add more, if not add less)

1 part Ginger or candied ginger

1 part Cardamom

1 part Peppercorns



For a tea, I will sweeten with a bit of local honey, however I'm sure other sweeteners will taste excellent. For wine or mead, I think heating up a bit in a slow cooker is quite nice; I suggest pouring in a little bit and letting it heat up and steep for a 1-2 hours, then add the rest and serve as soon as it's heated so it retains its alcoholic potency.


If you want a stronger aphrodisiac effect, don't strain and drink the dregs.

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I’ll be making a liqueur of this blend soon. I’m sure it’ll be quite tasty, might even make a complimentary incense blend for a more....atmospheric experience

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