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The Hours of The Self: A Self-Analysis Exercise


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Members of my community often come to me feeling ‘lost’ or unsure of their next step. I noticed that often times when people are asking for me to tell their furture they actually want me to interpret their mind right now and figure out what they should be doing based on that.


Additionally when people approach me with questions about where they should start to discover the craft, they are often asking who they are. They want to know what aspects they should focus on, what their ‘magickal name’ is and basically they want to have a sorting hat situation tell them what their identity is.


Since it would obviously be a disservice to either of these groups of people to just answer these question for them, I made this exercise to help others understand what their priorties are, what is important to them, what really doesn’t matter, and where they should be focusing. Even if you are 98% sure you know whats important to you, maybe try this and see if you were suprised by how you stacked things.


Below is a list of 24 virtues and/or virtue groupings. Take some time to order these virtures/grouping in order of most important to least important to you. When you are done, scroll down for more insight.






Balance/inner harmony









Meaningful Work




Popularity /reputation








Okay so now go ahead and write the hours of the day next to each virtue or grouping starting at midnight and moving in order down the list. Then take a look and compare these virtues to the following meanings of each group. I’ve added mine at the bottom of this post as an example and refer to it throughout.


Midnight through 2am reflects the time of night you are getting R.E.M. You need these virtures present in your life before you can move in any direction. To use my hours in the example below, without a feeling of security and autonomy, I will not be able to pursue my goals. These are my cornerstones, my needs.


3am-5am represents your dream state. These are things that once your REM needs have been met, you should be pursuing. In my example, I cannot focus on or pursue my authenticity until my autonomy is certain.


6am- 8am- The Waking State. While I don’t actually wake up at 6am because I’m not a farmer, in this exercise these hours represent our first alert part of the day. These are virtues that we have intellectualized to be important or good but often do not pursue true ownership of. In my example, I have prioritized wisdom in these hours. I do respect wisdom and want that to be a descriptor for me, but the cold hard fact is that I keep drinking coffee in the middle of the night.


9am-11am - The Active State. These are things that come easy to you, and so you likely don’t respect them as much as people who don’t have ownership of these things. You don’t have a negative feeling of these things and may connect these things to your identity. Its just that compared to the virtues listed above, you don’t value them nearly as much. Continuing to use my list as an example, I find influencing a crowd easy. I tend to build positive relationships in communities quickly. I would happily trade that skill to have a stronger sense of self-respect.


The rest of the list is pretty moot until we get to the last three.


9pm-11pm- not only do you not own these virtures, you probably don’t even consider them to be virtues. You have no interest in them and people who prioritize them probably bother you. You should also be looking for any coin that your top 3 and bottom three hours are two sides of. For instance, in my hours, autonomy and leadership on opposite ends tell me I probably have some issues with authority.


So there it is. Post your hours below if you feel like trying it out and let me know if this was helpful or if you think it’s complete shit!


Nando’s Hours:


Midnight: Autonomy

1am Security/stability/peace

2 am Growth/Learning/curiosity/challenge


3 am Beauty

4 am Authenticity/openness

5 am Loyalty/love/friendship


6 am Justice/fairness/compassion

7 am Wisdom/knowledge

8 am Self-Respect/responsibility


9 am Creativity/humor

10 am Meaningful Work

11 am Recognition//influence/fame


Noon: Trustworthiness/honesty/respect

1 pm Boldness/adventure

2 pm Pleasure/happiness/fun


3 pm Community/contribution/citizenship

4 pm Popularity /reputation

5 pm Balance/inner harmony


6 pm Optimism/kindness

7 pm Determination

8 pm Achievement/succcess/wealth


9 pm Poise/competency

10 pm Service/faith/religion

11 pm Authority/Leadership

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Hello Nando


I want to make it quite clear that my criticism here should be taken entirely as constructive thoughts, and not neigh saying. Also that this is a knee jerk reaction to the method having just read it and not yet given it the attention it deserves. Let me be the first to say, I could be dead wrong.


My concern with this method is in over simplification mostly of the reality and effects of these “virtues” on the individual. I would think some form of bridging particularly in the effects of noon to 8pm on the sleeping hours may hold useful weight.


I also see what may be over generalization in the categories of the “virtues”. As experiences seems to make these factors grow more complex. Things like the shifting focus of want, need, and respect, sharpen the categories. Till they seem like they spread. This isn't to say they don't keep to a strong relationship. However the relationship between things like Justice and fairness can start taking a longer rout. Say the kind that lead to those moment then things don't quite sit right but fair is fair.


Thinking on these points. Along with the type of folk that come to me needing this kind of reading. That often don't know themselves well enough to answer effectively. Makes me think this might be greatly more useful in assessing others, than ones self. That is to say it seems tailoring the questions by way of impression or divination may hit closer to home.


Again, I don't want you to think I'm at all putting you or your method down here. This is just some food for thought and conversation. I do wonder if this is your invention or one you've picked up somewhere? Not that it make any difference. You've obviously found something that keeps popping up in your work and a general tool to help handle it. I think there's quite a lot to be said for that. I also enjoy the cycle of the day application. I think it really dose help with perspective here and correlates well. When so much of the time those analogies come out arbitrary.

I can also see how over time this tool has room to grow and sharpen to be quite versatile and effective in other types of readings. I like it when a tool leaves room to grow my skill with it. Rather than just peaking when I get the hang of it.


Over all I'd say, well done.

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I think this is an interesting self-assessment exercise for sure.  I agree with PapaGheny that a lot of people who might request this kind of thing just don't know themselves very well.  TBH I think it could be remedied by a bunch of yes-or-no questions, no problem.


I think that the Noon-8PM stuff deserves some reflection as well, but I haven't put much thought into that yet.  Do you just consider that period some kind of transition?  I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.  No assessment is perfect, and this is an interesting one.  Without further ado:


Fox's Hours



  • Growth/learning/curiosity/challenge
  • Autonomy
  • Determination


  • Beauty
  • Wisdom/Knowledge
  • Meaningful Work


  • Authenticity/Openness
  • Loyalty/Love/Friendship
  • Self-Respect/Responsibility


  • Poise/Competency
  • Boldness/Adventure
  • Creativity/Humor


  • Justice/Fairness/Compassion
  • Community/Contribution/Citizenship
  • Trustworthiness/Honesty/Respect
  • Pleasure/Happiness/Fun
  • Security/Stability/Peace
  • Balance/Inner Harmony
  • Authority/Leadership
  • Recognition/Influence/Fame
  • Optimism/Kindness


  • Achievement/Success/Wealth
  • Service/Faith/Religion
  • Popularity/Reputation
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Hey folks,


Glad you had a look at it. Certainly adore teh critical look at it!


Yeah, its certainly not a perfect assessment by any means and the mid-virtues tend to change everytime someone tries it again. I think sometimes when people are seeking answers about themselves, they just need a reason to assert something as true or untrue about themselves. We are largely self-defining in my opinion and when people are feeling lost, I think it’s good to “trick” them into defining themselves when they ask to be defind. Does that make sense? Thats why I think the elasticity or changing nature of the virtue descriptor are maybe a boon?


Anyways I’d love to see an altered version of the assessment that fits your ideas a bit more!

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I think that is a truly well put and very good defense of your method Nando. I'm glad no offense was taken.


I think it seem to make things more clear to me. My difficulty here seems to be the difference our perspective and how we work. I figure that's a good place for it. If we all have the same perspective conversation would get old quick.


As you've described it this would then work well for someone that knows themselves, but is having trouble with focus or staying on track? If that's the case it would be quite useful given that it can be hard to find good ways to advise them. If effective it could be proactive in my view curbing uncertainty before crises. I find that to be a vague area while most methods work best in extremes and absolutes.

I also want to say I enjoy that you're using this as a tool for them to answer their own question. I agree its often best to be leading rather than lecturing when folk are on shaky ground. However I'm not sure that means answering directly so much as leading them to their own end conclusions.


With the way that you put it I also think I'm getting why you grouped the virtues as you did. That does make a bit more sense to me now.


I think were we start to differ in perspective is the of folk being self-defining given the setting. First on the level of someones nature I would be looking for them to describe rather than define. To me definition would happen as a response to the assessment going forward.


I also find it can take a bit of courage for them to come for advice. This mean they often let things reach what they at least feel is a crises before knocking on my door. This means after getting them to stable ground, determining not only where they should be headed but what is stopping them. I think I see some potential for that here.


I still have some issues with them answering these questions on their own or at least directly. I think this is just a difference in the way we work. I think I can see how it would work for someone else more clearly now. With me the folks that show up often don't want to know my methods. This mean readings are done in unassuming ways, before they show up, or if it is a good circumstance for it after they have left to be given the next day. So the session(for lack of a better word) starts with someone standing disheveled on my porch. Then they are sat down out by the gardens with water or tea and we have a talk. Reading are then put to use in the conversation. That's actually one thing I really like about this. If I could draw the answers and see how that fits it would be quite useful to me. But if I ask them to answer twenty-four direct questions or pull out a deck of cards on the spot that may spook them or put them off.


Since you asked to see adaptions to it here is my first thought. I hope you don't mind me using yours. I don't want to risk making it fit by creating an example.


I'm thinking the mid-virtues may illustrate difficulty or set backs in correlation to the midnight hours. Possibly by way of outward or maybe reverse perspective. Hopefully also pointing to guidance.


For instance.


00:00 Autonomy - 12:00 Trustworthiness/honesty/respect. If we see Autonomy as inward in nature or circumstance. Then the difficulty in reaching it may be feelings distrust or disrespect from others. As an out ward view. Say I need my independence to move forward but can't trust others without getting involved. However if the Autonomy seem outward in nature. Say expressed as avoidance. Then it may fallow that the hang up is distrusting, disrespecting, or not being honest with ones self. Something like, I can't grow without sticking to my own opinions but don't respect myself enough to keep it from being colored by popular ideas.


And so on down the line. Its rough yet and could breakdown easily. But something to play with as a start point for me. As you said those mid-virtues are likely in flux. As they should life gets messy and confused. Your pools of three should fit better. Say 00:00, 01:00, 02:00, correlate to 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, as groups used in the same way. Seems it would paint a better picture that way than one hour at a time.

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