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look what I won :D


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I cant wait to get it. I like the idea of something witchy from the 60's. It sort of reminds me of another book I have by a fella called Elwood B Trigg (what a great name!)

'Gypsy Demons and Divinities: The Magic and Religion of the Gypsies' from the 60's/70's which is great, infact i must dig it out (i nicked it from the colledge library 20 years ago :rolleyes:) Fantastic book I recommend it.


(just looked it up on amazon they want ?60. quid for it :eek:)


Will post a review ASAP on the new book

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Guest 53rdspirit

Please, Spinney, please :blobfire: post some of the goodies from it after you'd read it!


Looks wonderful!




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