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Bioregional Witchcraft Quiz


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I found this cool questionaire while I was kicking around the internet the other day.  It's about Bioregional Animism.  I thought it was an interesting was to assess how well you know the environment you're working in, since TW tends to pull directly from the land you're on.  I copied the questions here, but here's a link to the original post.


I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on it.



  1. What primary geological events and processes influenced the landforms of your bioregion?
  2. What biotic and/or geological features define your bioregion?
  3. Where does your drinking water come from?
  4. What is the dimension of your watershed? 
  5. What creek or river defines your watershed?
  6. What and where is the largest wilderness area(s) in your bioregion?
  7.  Have there been any successful land or water restoration projects where you live?
  8. What are your soil conditions? 
  9. What kind of rocks and minerals are in the land below you?
  10. What are the greatest threats to your bioregion’s ecosystem?
  11. Where does your trash end up?
  12. Where does your sewage end up?
  13. What is the power source for your electricity?
  14. What animal and/or plant species have become extinct in the area?
  15. What animal and/or plant species have become endangered in the area?
  16. Name a local environmentalist group.
  17. Name some local invasive species (plant and/or animal . (Humans do not count!)
  18. Name some plants and animals that live in and near your home? (Example: Insects, birds small mammals, etc.) 
  19. Name some local  plants and animals that live just outside urban centers?
  20. Name five species of trees in your area that you can identify.
  21. Name five migratory birds that pass your area and when they arrive and leave. 
  22. Name five local edible plants and when to forage them.
  23. Is your area home to any native herbs?
  24. Name of the first wildflowers that blooms in spring where you live.
  25. How well can you predict the weather based on cloud formation and pressure?  
  26. What direction do storms generally come in?
  27. At the peak of summer and height of winter, when and where does the sun set?
  28. Can you roughly keep track of the Moon’s phase without having to look it up? 
  29. What places in your area are the best for stargazing? 
  30. Over time, what groups of people have lived the area?
  31. What were/are the subsistence practices for the area’s indigenous persons?
  32. In the past century, what was the primary land use in your bioregion?
  33. When and where is your closest farmer’s market?
  34. How many human people live next door to you? 
  35. What are their names?
  36. What places are special personally to you in your area?



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Its a nice checklist to have a think about the area you are in and how you connect to it.

I think I will sit and draft out the answers when I am next free...


Also minor housekeeping note, I made the list font brighter and easy to read.

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