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Can we talk candles?


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#21 Onyx


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Posted 26 January 2019 - 08:18 PM

I have some candles that are supposed to have flames that change colors, they were a waste of money. I suppose I could use them as an emergency supply. They are supposed to be Birthday Candles.
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#22 bluelily


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Posted 08 February 2019 - 04:37 PM

I LOVE candles! I even make my own.


What kind of candles do you prefer to use? Votive, stick, tea light? What kind of material? -      All of the above. For spells I often utilize smaller tapers. I prefer beeswax , but also use parrafin/soy
Where do you get your candles? Do you make or buy them? Where or what of?-        I make my own using beeswax, parrafin and soy. I also have store bought tapers/pillars.
What do you do with your candle remains after a spell? What if not for a spell?                   I throw away what needs discarded. Its use has already been utilized. 
How do you clean your candle holders? How do clean up wax on altars, cloths, tools or holders?                    Heat gun to melt it down, and scrub or scrape it off. 
How do you light your candles? Short matches, long? Lighters, wicks?              Lighters!

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#23 Adare


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Posted 09 February 2019 - 06:07 AM

Birthday candles! Damn that's a good idea. You can even get those ones that are impossible to blow out - relight them selves - would be neat to work with if it's a bit windy out!


I really like that idea! And the pranking element is delicious too! "You think you put me out? I'll show you!"  :D

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#24 Oroboros


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Posted 09 February 2019 - 09:36 PM

What type of candle I use depends entirely on the purpose. Pillars or jars are nice for altars, though I use tapers here sometimes. Size- well depends how long you want that candle around for. I keep mostly plain white or natural beeswax around, and a good quantity of black. I have a few colored candles but find that inscribing a candle with something and or dressing it is more than sufficient in attaching it to its purposes- color mattering very little in general. And as previously mentioned I use lighters, as they are convenient and intended to make fire. :)

Mainly just posting to share this (YMMV): I recently discovered that the cheap little wooden tools designed for sculpting clay, are very useful in wax clean up. Specifically there is one shaped similarly to a butter knife. But with this you can scrape or pop off cold wax without damaging the surface the wax is on. Also found you can jab it into a candle stump that is stuck wiggle a little and pop out the cold wax. Seems that the wood is textured just enough to get some grip on the wax.

{Edited to add- while a good nail,heavy needle, or thorn are excellent(and sometimes preferred), some clay tools are also great for carving candles. There are various metal tipped tools that are also cheap.}

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